Christmas Crossword Puzzle – Beginner

This Christmas themed crossword puzzle is geared towards kids between Kindergarten to 2nd grades.

Click on the image to download the free printable PDF worksheet.

Christmas Crossword - Beginner
Christmas Crossword – Beginner


CANDYCANE – Striped sweet (9D)
CHRISTMAS – Gift giving holiday (2D)
ELVES – Santa’s helpers (4A)
FROSTY – Famous snowman (1D)
GRINCH – Green Christmas thief (14A)
ORNAMENT – Tree decoration (11D)
PRESENT – Gift (12A)
RUDOLPH – Lead reindeer (3A)
SANTA – Jolly gift giver (10A)
SNOW – Frozen rain (7A)
SNOWMAN – Carrot-nosed figure (5D)
STAR – Tree topper (15A)
STOCKING – Hung over the fireplace (6D)
TREE – Green Christmas decoration (13D)
WINTER – Coldest season (8A)

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