Sports Crossword Puzzle – Advanced

This Sports themed crossword puzzle is geared towards kids between 4th grade and Up.

Click on the image to download the free printable PDF worksheet.

Sports Crossword Puzzle - Advanced
Sports Crossword Puzzle – Advanced


BADMINTON – Played with a birdie (9D)
BASEBALL – America’s pastime (17D)
BASKETBALL – Shooting hoops (24A)
BILLIARDS – Played on a pool table (15A)
BOWLING – Played with pins (15D)
BOXING – ______ gloves (8D)
CRICKET – Field game; also an insect (2D)
CYCLING – Two-wheeled racing (5D)
FOOTBALL – Superbowl game (6D)
GOLF – Played with clubs (20D)
GYMNASTICS – Tumbling and acrobatics (4D)
HOCKEY – On ice or a field (1A)
LACROSSE – Game with netted sticks (10A)
MARTIAL – Mixed _____ Arts (14D)
PING PONG – Table tennis (3A)
RUGBY – Question 3 (23A)
SKATE – _____boarding (22D)
SKIING – Downhill snow sport (13A)
SOCCER – Ball kicking game (16A)
SOFTBALL – Baseball-like game (18D)
SWIMMING – Racing in the water (12A)
TENNIS – Racket game (7D)
TRACK – _____ and Field (21D)
VOLLEYBALL – Bump, set, spike (19A)
WRESTLING – Grappling (11A)
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