Winter Crossword Puzzle – Advanced

This Winter themed crossword puzzle is geared towards kids between 4th grade and Up.

Click on the image to download the free printable PDF worksheet.

Winter Crossword Puzzle - Advanced
Winter Crossword Puzzle – Advanced


BLIZZARD – Snowstorm (10A)
CHRISTMAS – Holiday of giving (13D)
COCOA – Hot sweet drink (13A)
COLD – Opposite of hot (14D)
DECEMBER – Christmas month (11D)
FROST – Jack _____ (3D)
HIBERNATE – Sleep through the winter (17A)
HOCKEY – Ice sport played with a puck (1A)
ICICLES – Frozen spikes (18D)
IGLOO – House made of ice (7D)
KWANZAA – African American holiday (2D)
MIGRATE – Change habitat seasonally (6A)
MITTENS – Keeps your hands warm (16A)
PLOW – Vehicle that clears snow from streets (19D)
SCARF – Neck warmer (5A)
SKATING – Gliding on ice (12D)
SLED – Fun ride down a snowy hill (4A)
SLEET – Mix of snow and rain (20D)
SNOW – Frozen rain (4D)
SNOWFLAKE – A unique crystal of ice (21A)
SNOWMAN – Sometimes has a carrot nose (9A)
SOUTH – Direction birds fly for the Winter (22A)
VACATION – Time off from school or work (8D)
WHITE – The color of snow (15A)
WINTER – The coldest season (15D)
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